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Another thing I just noticed:

1. If I output to AVI using DirectDraw, the frame rate during capture is 60fps (good), but the AVI only has the first frame with game footage, the rest are black.

2. If I output to AVI using Direct3D, the frame rate goes down to about 4fps during capture but the AVI has all frames with visible game footage.

Both these things has been mentioned before, but:

3. After I've tried capturing to AVI with DirectDraw, then change it to Direct3D and try outputting again, I get full 60fps during capture but all frames are black, so it's like setting back to Direct3D after having it on DirectDraw doesn't change it to Direct3D. After doing this, none of those two will give a visible game footage on the first frame, they are all black. It seems like only the first time you capture with DirectDraw you will get visible footage in the first frame. All attempts after that is just 100% all black frames and the emulator has to be restarted to be able to capture game footage of the first frame again. This is not really how we want it anyway, I know , we want all frames to be capture with DirectDraw, but thought mentioning it might help with something.
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