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Presentation & Question

Hello!first of all I'll introduce myself.
I'm 27 years I'm from Spain and I enjoy a lot retro gaming.
Specially everything to do with DOS, 286, 386, arcade machines, DOSBox, ScummVM, etc.

I have never had an Amiga, my first computer was a 286. I remember diying of envy watching what an Amiga was capable of, specially concerning games and sound and that time.

Recently looking for one of my favorite games as a kid, "Sensible Soccer", I found a community of online play through the Emulator WinUAE - Kaillera Client. So I started researching and wow!, a new world is being discovered, as I said before, never experienced an Amiga.

There are plenty of games that I enjoyed in PC, which are amazing in the Amiga version (cannon fodder, sensible soccer, syndicate, maniac mansion, Darkseed, monkey island...) specially sound wise.

I have tried many emulators: ZNES, Nulldc, Demul, MAME (I actually have Built myself an Arcade Cabinet), etc,

Nevertheless configuration of WinAUE is proving to be a difficult task for me, as I am not familiar with Amiga. It actually makes this more interesting and challenging.

So far I have managed to install workbench, and make games run in WHDLOAD and HDF format.

Here are my questions guys!

I know how to startup a game using WHDLOAD, is it possible to launch a WHDLOAD game from workbench?

I would also like to know if you can extract a file format "HDF" into adf or whdload.

My other question is, of the Amiga operating systems: ClassicWBUAE, AMIGASYS, Workbench. Which one would you guys recommend and, or, use, keeping in mind performance and design?

Apart from playing games, do you people use Amiga system for other tasks or porpuses?

I'm new to this world, and I'm very curious about it!!!

Thanks a lot!!

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