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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
Hi aquanaut:

I'm guessing you're going for dual internal floppies or you'd just connect an external drive..?

Being a bit of a butcher I'd dismantle an external unit & wire it into the back of the external floppy connector on your A500...
...there's 'issues' with this approach, of course.
Hi Charlie,

Yes, you are guessing right. I wanted dual internal floppies because i am fitting an A500 inside an IBM PS/1 case and there's the 5.25" extra bay that i could use to fit another drive if it didn't involve butchering an external unit.

The case is like this one:

I have the mobo and floppy installed, and the case painted black. I already have a pc keyboard and pc mouse adapter. Now i just need to route the ports to the back, fit a pc psu and connect the leds.
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