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Search info about a strange game called "Roboter"


I'm searching some info about a game called "Roboter" in the Bavarian PD Collection :

Unfortunatly, the disk 75 of the bavarian collection is unreadable. There is another source (Amiga Extra 2/90 page 45) but I dont' have the magazine.

It's perhaps "Mech Force", or maybe only a preview.

The Bavarian disks are here :

Anyone can help me ?

The info says :


They have the command alternatively up to four combat robots, by which everyone is full-packed with the newest weapons up to ten meters highly and. Sense of the game is it, the opposing robots with help of all cheats skillfully, and after Michkeit without gren damage die own robot to destroy. Fzwei player. A report this program is in the magazine AMIGA EXTRA expenditure 2/90 page 45.
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