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That sort of software usually comes with the hardware that buffers the frames from the video signal (the digitizer/framegrabber). I don't think a parallel-port digitizer exists that can capture sequential frames at 24 fr/s. I have a Vidi24 (RT) pro and that is quite a good video digitizer but I don't think it can capture at quite the rate you want. Maybe something that runs in a big-box Amiga will be better, perhaps a V-Lab Motion, but I haven't used one before.
What sort of video source are you capturing from, and do you really need each frame in a realtime sequence? Are you capturing full colour?

Edit: ahh I read your post again and now I think you are talking about a screen-grabber, but a video screen grabber. There might be software that does it, but I haven't heard of it and I am willing to bet that it will be CPU-intensive and need a lot of RAM. Hardware-wise, you could get a genlock and try to capture the s-video output on a PC in realtime. I think you'll have more success with a PC digitizer (and they are likely to be cheaper and easier to find than the Amiga equivalent).

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