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Resource, Devpac and ArgAsm

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any of these three programs
kicking around?

- Resource 5/6
- Devpac 2/3
- ArgAsm

First one's a disassembler, and the others are assemblers.

... if you care for an explanation... ...

I used to program on the Amiga years ago... but then I sold my Amiga and got an IBM... Well, now I am sort of "getting back" into the Amiga using WinUAE. And man, with all the supposed advances, etc. I still like AmigaDOS *MUCH* better than MS DOS... and 68000 assembly much better than 8086. So what I was wanting to do is disassemble (using Resource) Devpac and ArgAsm and kind of combine the speed of ArgAsm with the .. um.. i dunno.. the "feel" of Devpac... and plus have a lot of fun doing it

Anyways, thanx in advance
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