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Yeah, not sure how to critique both tunes without sounding ... well, like an arsehole I suppose.

Leathered - drop the guitar sample, it's awful and doesn't scale well in pitch changes. Other than that, quite a solid effort and definitely my favourite of the two.

Adrdesign - that's... well, it's closer to the original tune and no doubt about that. Interesting that you went with brass wind instruments, certainly wasn't expecting that. However you seem to pepper certain effects in at random - pitch bends/slides and some really harsh sounding... well, I suppose it's like the music stuttering really fast. Sounds dreadful.

The game's theme is 40s/50s adventure in foreign lands - neither tune appears to fit that theme quite as well as the original AY version did.

But at the end of the day, I've not contributed anything so feel free to ignore me.

And again, my apologies.

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