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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
I think that (sometimes) happens due to server side caching, I've seen similar things happen when the store switches over from normal mode to sale mode, it can take a few minutes for the prices to be what they really need to be even when Steam is already listing them as being on sale.

But more likely its just the silly distributor inputting the sale information badly.
That could very well be, I just had an issue where the Steam Client automatically was DECLINING my card immediately.

I then checked my bank account to find nothing was getting through and processing.

It was if the Steam Client was disconnected from the network but why was I able to add items into my cart ?

I had to exit and wait a minute or so and then reload the client, now it's working again.

Others have been noticing something similar or that the client just seems to disconnect your account profile at random times, I've also been noticing this happening a lot the past couple of months.

I guess they want the Summer Sale to be a game within a game
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