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Thanks Bloodwych for a great review All this feedback really has made the project worthwhile....Basicly i made the kind of Amiga disk i have always wanted myself so i couldnt really make to much of a mess of it
Sort me out with your updates and i will see what i can do for a version 1.1 . To be honest that one was really filled to the brim and the next stage would really be DVD9 but i could never get that to work on xbox but it would be a huge PC version with double the games and the menu's

What do you guys think ??
Or just a version 2 on 2 DVD's is something else i had in mind again double the content and both discs would work on Xbox.

BTW!! Bloodwych You deserve a lot more credit yourself by supplying me with your Amazing Workbench's ...Hopefully i have at least Immortalised them for you on the Tribute DVD as well

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