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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Thanks for the information

I'm also not using RDB mode .HDFs. Classic WB file system is FFS.

I also use Classic WB Lite 3.1 and have never experienced the issues you describe.

Mind you, I've never used / installed Blitz Basic 2 but this stuff shouldn't occur.

Does the corruption only happen with this app? Do you have enough RAM set?

Have you tried running SnoopDos before starting Blitz Basic 2 to see if anything strange is captured?
Can't say I have seen it happen to another program, but I mainly use Blitz Basic 2 in this configuration. I will try SnoopDos to see if it catches anything strange, thanks for the tip!

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
I already had this issue. Executable file corrupted (and guru) when running the program. The executable file was AGSMenu (amiga games menu). Never had this issue with some other program.
The weirdest thing (at least for me), is that the program can't be reinstalled without guruing. Have you been able to get AGSMenu to work again on the same hdf or virtual drive after the corruption?
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