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While online this evening, I have checked the bitmap block in amigagenie's disk image. Disk blocks 2-161, 882 and 931-1759 are marked as unused, which is in accordance with the files and directories shown when listing all the disk's contents at the CLI (reproduced in the boxout above).

Secondly, I have compared the files in amigagenie's disk image with those in amiman99's LHA archive uploaded yesterday and they are identical, except and files. (The Workbench icons for the ReadMe file and TFX-Installer Utility have probably been moved on one or both of the disks.) Curiously, 3/TFX and 3/TFX.prefs are identical files in both sets of software.

Thus, there is absolutely nothing amiss on amigagenie's disk. All that is required is to follow emufan's suggestions for installing the software.

@amiman99: I will have a look at your disk image tomorrow. If the disk layout is the same, then you may as well download amigagenie's disk image and use that instead. I will also check which of the and files are more original.

A quick binary comparison of amigagenie's disk image and amiman99's with bad blocks reveals the following differences:
(1) Root block time and date stamps and checksum,
(2) Bad blocks on amiman99's disk at offset $B0000-$B2BFF,
(3) Bad blocks on amiman99's disk at offset $B5800-$C8BFF,
(4) Offsets $C8FB6 [$53]->[$52] and $C8FC2 [$53]->[$52], and
(5) Bad Blocks on amiman99's disk at offset $CB800-$D3BFF.

Thus, the changes to the and files in amiman99's LHA archive were made when they were copied out of the disk. Also, amiman99's disk contains a file in addition to the files in the LHA archive.

All the above differences are trivial. Only the root block changes are on a used area of the disk.

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