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i did an install test. using version 2.6 all installs just fine. using version 4.0 the trouble starts. all with your disk, amigagenie.

the problem with 4.0 is the new assign. in s:user-startup you can read:
assign ImageFX4: PATH-to-your-INSTALL
while imageFX 2.6 uses
assign ImageFX: PAth-to-your-INSTALL

the install script of TFX is looking for "ImageFX" not "ImageFX4".
so you can try version 2.6 or add a new line in s:user-startup with "ImageFX" additionaly to "ImageFX4".
do not delete "ImageFX4" line, just add "ImageFX" line.
reboot and the TFX installer should work.

once installed TFX, you have ToasterFX and SetPrefs icons of TFX in ImageFx folder. start ToasterFX and then ImageFX.
in ImageFX choose "Prefs" , select "VideoToaster" module for "Render" and "Preview".

give it a try.

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