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I've now finished mapping the disk blocks.

I have found your "file with no name". Actually, The file does have a name - it's three space characters!

Spaces are usually used instead of a filename when the file's icon includes the program or file name. The only example I can think of is Compute!'s Boulder Bob AmigaBasic game. (In this case, the program name is two space characters and the .info file has two space characters as well.)

I'll have to check the Installer script to see if it takes account of that.

The disk contains the following files and directories:
Directory "df0:"                  467 ----rw-d 10-Mar-94 06:54:11
TFX_Install                 2911 ----rw-d 10-Mar-94 07:25:04
Installer                 115144 ----rwed 07-Mar-94 12:46:39                    736 ----rw-d 10-Mar-94 06:54:17             698 ----rw-d 10-Mar-94 06:54:12
1                            Dir ----rwed 08-Mar-94 00:26:07
2                            Dir ----rwed 08-Mar-94 14:10:59
3                            Dir ----rwed 10-Mar-94 07:11:49
4                            Dir ----rwed 09-Mar-94 13:27:29
5                            Dir ----rwed 07-Mar-94 14:11:42
ReadMe                      2729 ----rwed 05-Apr-94 22:32:00
6 files - 5 directories - 258 blocks used
Directory "df0:1"
modules                      Dir ----rwed 08-Mar-94 00:36:39
1 directory - 2 blocks used
Directory "df0:1/modules"
loaders                      Dir ----rwed 10-Mar-94 03:38:01
render                       Dir ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:22:34
savers                       Dir ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:22:09
preview                      Dir ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:23:01
4 directories - 8 blocks used
Directory "df0:1/modules/loaders"
Framestore                  3744 ----rwed 10-Mar-94 10:08:36
1 file - 9 blocks used
Directory "df0:1/modules/render"
VideoToaster                6152 ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:22:37
1 file - 14 blocks used
Directory "df0:1/modules/savers"
Framestore                 16256 ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:22:14
1 file - 33 blocks used
Directory "df0:1/modules/preview"
VideoToaster                9276 ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:22:51
1 file - 20 blocks used
Directory "df0:2"
modules                      Dir ----rwed 08-Mar-94 03:23:35
1 directory - 2 blocks used
Directory "df0:2/modules"
preview                      Dir ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:23:22
1 directory - 2 blocks used
Directory "df0:2/modules/preview"
VideoToaster                9252 ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:23:26
1 file - 20 blocks used
Directory "df0:3"               897 ----rw-d 10-Mar-94 06:26:01
TFX                         7718 ----rwed 08-Mar-94 13:38:00
TFX.prefs                   7718 ----rwed 08-Mar-94 12:47:24
ToasterFX                   1620 ----rwed 10-Mar-94 06:26:00                454 ----rw-d 09-Mar-94 13:27:20
TFX_Commodity              14544 ----rwed 10-Mar-94 07:11:51
SetPrefs                    1180 ----rwed 08-Mar-94 13:49:09
7 files - 78 blocks used
Directory "df0:4"                454 ----rw-d 09-Mar-94 13:27:19
SetPrefs                     536 ----rwed 08-Mar-94 13:59:02
2 files - 5 blocks used
Directory "df0:5"
___                         3568 ----rwed 07-Mar-94 14:06:23
tfx.library               156588 ----rwed 07-Mar-94 10:19:18
2 files - 315 blocks used
TOTAL: 22 files - 12 directories - 766 blocks used
The file with three spaces as the filename is shown with underscores instead.

As amiman99 says, the disk is about 44% full. All meaningful data are in the first 932 disk blocks.

If this is an image of an original disk, it shows signs of having contained an earlier version of the software to begin with, and this has been updated by copying later versions of the files to the disk.

An FFS-formatted disk is usually filled from the root block 880 to the end of the disk, and then from the third disk block back to the centre. Disk block 879 willl normally be the last to be allocated.

However, this disk has all the directory and file headers in disk blocks 882 and up (disk block 881 is the bitmap block), and the data blocks and list extension blocks (with a few exceptions) in the first half of the disk.

The second half of the disk contains most of the old version files.

However, I think the software is intact and there are no disk errors, so I'm assuming that there were no read errors when the ADF image in The Zone was dumped.

Tomorrow I will check the bitmap block and study the Installer script.

@amiman99: I have just found the LHA archive you uploaded to The Zone! That has given me a second copy of the software to check the files on amigagenie's disk with. Could you upload your disk image for me too, please, even with its disk errors? I should be able to fix it by pasting in corresponding blocks from amigagenie's disk image if they match sufficiently well.

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