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Yeah, I've used a PicoPSU for a project before, and it works fine. I used the universal input type that also regulates 12V, so it could use any old laptop charger as a power source. However, I found that it didn't have particularly good noise suppression, and it was passing through noise from the old (Dell) PSU to the Amiga, resulting in some interference in the video and audio output. Changing to another main PSU sorted it.

I would recommend buying an official PSU though, as there are a lot of clones around that I wouldn't necessarily trust with a precious Amiga. I would wonder though if it wasn't simpler to get (or build) a compact external PSU based on one of the popular industrial PSU modules like a Mean Well. Even with a built-in PicoPSU, you'll still need the main power brick housed externally anyway.
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