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Little correction. Second (full) name of game is "Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy", not "Fantastic World Dizzy". Moreover, it can be mistaken with "Fantasy World Dizzy".

About solution, i prefer using this one, which is not "point to point", but just explains items.

Maybe You can also add this one, which is not forcing what to do, e.g. You can finish almost all riddles in three village (except one elevator key and matches) before wandering elsewhere.

Edit: Some kind of bugreport, but probably it's fault of game itself. Sometimes when You load game, music is not played. You must enter somewhere else with different tune to listen music again.

Edit+: Same is when you enter to menu (ESC). It could be taht it's only in city / road to city where is same music as in game menu (ESC). Music is switched normally to proper one, but ther is switched off completely.

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