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Got the 8GB SanDisk Compact Flash card installed. I created a 490MB partition for Classic Workbench and a second partition using the rest of the space for WHDLoad. Dopus file manager shows identical A > Z directory byte sizes for the WHDLoad source and target CF copied directories so it seems I have setup SmartFileSystem correctly.

I got a Compact Flash kit that uses the spare trapdoor on the rear of the A1200. So now I don't have to open the case to insert\remove a CF. The H. Disk led on the case is now working which is a bit of magic because back in the 1980's/early 1990's to have a hard disk in a Amiga was gravy.


I have a spare 2.5" 20 GB SATA hard disk that was originally part of a Xbox 360 hard disk pack that attaches to the side of the console. I got it to work with a SATA > IDE adapter with my games PC. It was recognized as a 20GB disk in my A1200 with HDToolbox V6.9. But I don't know how to partition it and get it working in my the A1200 that won't boot with a scsi.device file in devs: because of a Individual ACA1221EC accelerator plugged in. I ran a Windows benchmark on it and it was much faster than the 4GB and also the 8GB CF cards I have. And that includes all transfer tests from 512 byte chunks doubling up to 64 MB. But as far as I know the A1200 IDE interface can only do up to about 3 MB a second max transfer speed so I will stick with Compact Flash. But still the A1200 boots into Classic Workbench Lite in 9 seconds that is faster than my games PC with Windows 10 on a SSD!

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