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I have a joystick

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Thx for the links.
Yeah I got curious as I have no recollection of it from my own Amiga days (1988 onwards).

Here is an irony speaking of the Suncom F15: I had the Tac-2 for my Amiga (still have two of them) and later when I got a PC in 1996 I got the F15 stick but I had no idea it was the same maker. Small world...for joysticks!

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
Very interesting find!

There was short discussion but it here on eab in 2013:
Suncom Joy Sensor - Will it work on Amiga?

I did some digging. The switch in the middle seems to activate 4 or 8 direction mode ... so for Amiga only the 4 direction mode makes sense.

The touch elements seem really to be what we are used to now: capacitive and not resistive. no pressing is needed.

In an Atari Forum it is described as:
"I loved using this controller and it was surprisingly responsive(from what I remember 2 decades ago!)."

Suncom was really innovative as it seems:
in the F-15 Joystick they even used Hall-sensors for deduction of movement
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