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MP3 audio tracks with CD32 ISO rips?

Most of the ripped CD32 ISOs even include a certain number of audio tracks from the game in MP3 format.

I've been playing some CD32 games with WinUAE for some time now, and I was allways wondering what these MP3s are for.
I mean, so far, CD-audio is not emulated in WinUAE, is it?
So are these MP3s only included by CD-rippers so people can hear how the music is supposed to sound in a certain game or are there any concrete plans to make a plug-in in the future which enables future WinUAE versions to actually play these included MP3s as usual audio-tracks (in game music)?

Or am I missing this part completely?

Sorry if this question sounds stupid, but I'm mostly into Amiga computers emulation, so all this CD32-related stuff is fairly still unknown to me.
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