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Originally Posted by Titler View Post

And so back to the memory for today... I remember, sitting in the Potteries in Hanley, Stoke On Trent in December 1995, with my new copy of Amiga Power. The issue isn't scanned at the Magazine Rack, I've discovered, which is curious. Now I feel guilty about assuming it was, and focusing on the trash that was Amiga Action with my last bout of scan-frenzy. But on page 60, there was a letter from long time reader, eventual paid Hairy Layabout C-Monster. I'll type it out for you here.
Nice thoughts mate thanks for sharing, would you like us to take a vote on whether we think is a man or woman in that photo?

Oh no you didn't go to Staffordshire Poly in Stoke did you? You poor poor man. No wonder that letter meant so much to you.

I’m not sure what the connection with an Amiga is with the original Letter? And what does this mean? “We'd just get knocked down by cars”.

PS Start the scanner up and get those pages on the web!! and stop poo pooing Amiga Action my magazine of choice back in the day, but I was a bit younger so that’s why it probably wasn’t your first choice.
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