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Amiga as a live music controller

(Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong section, couldn't quite find a perfect place for it and I figured it was probably a bit of beginner question).

Possible stupid question incoming, but trying to google for this doesn't bring up many relevant results: Is there any amazing reason to use an Amiga as a music controller in a live environment (preferably a reason better than street credz)?

I've been looking for a way to incorperate a new sound into my bands performance, and I've got an Amiga 1200 and considering we were looking into incorperating a sort of retro sci-fi feel, the lightbulb inside my head flickered. Looking on Wikipedia turns out some bands who did use them in the 90's, but it doesn't say how and there are no videos of their live performances on YouTube. Anything else I've found is in a controlled studio environment.

Is there any reason to use an Amiga over a laptop\midi controller, or is it just too much of an uphill struggle even considering it? Seems a bit of waste just sat on my desk, I'm sure the poor little guy aspires to be more

Thanks in advance!
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