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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
yeah, increased resolutions and crisp original graphics usually cannot coexist without new artwork So perhaps somebody will fix it someday.
sure it can... or at least look better...

an example:

let's say the weapon is 100x100 in orignal size = crisp and nice pixels... but now the remaker dude has just either simply enlarged the weapon adding blurr, or maybe he has just increased the 100x100 art to a new big size with blurr...... I think it would look better if he just increased the weapon's size keeping the crisp look, no blurr.... meh, hard to explain... one example could be: you have seen me post pixel stuff in these forums from games in a large size.. ALL pixels are nice, big and clear.. then you have seen others post pixel stuff too in incresed size, but in a WRONG way so they get blurred, maybe that's what this dude did?... yeah, I know this game prolly has some sort of renderer, but the weapon and hud could still look WAY better if he increased the size of the low res stuff instead of just stretching their original 1:1 into a blurry mess.

So, no new art is needed imo... just resize the old ones in a correct way..... it's a retro game and it doesn't have to have a new highres weapon etc.
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