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Originally posted by Overdoc

It doesn't even run on all real Amigas, but only on old Amigas with a 8371 Agnus.
It will NOT run on later A-500 models which already have the 1MB 8372A Agnus ! And it also will not run on any A-500+ or A-600 or A-1200 or A-4000 or whatever.
I am not even sure if it will run on anything except Kick 1.3, which would mean it won't even run on an A-1000 or early A-500 with Kick 1.2.

It is not a problem of the crack, but a problem of the game itself which ( maybe ? ) could be fixed by someone who knows how to code very well
I remember playing this [Double Dragon 2] on my 512k chip A500, and playing on my mate's A500+ after running relokick on it - maybe this will get it to work. My memories are vague however...
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