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Amiga Coding WIKI

Halfway september I started with a project:
Amiga Coding WIKI

On this website I hope to gather knowledge for programming on the Amiga. This is not limited to one language, nor is it aiming for only beginners or experts. I hope to get more people interested in writing on this WIKI.

To get the project started I've started to write articles about AMOS and 680x0 assembler.

Because this month the AMOS-list is 15 years old, I've focused my energy on the AMOS part!! In honour of the 15th birthday I've added all
articles from the AMOSPro Help System to the Amiga Coding WIKI. This are about 900+ articles, mostly comprising of info on the 700+ instructions AMOSPro V2 knows.

Additionally it's now possible to get an email address. More info about that can be found on the website.

Anyway if anyone is willing to contribute to this project: you only need to register an account and you can start to edit.
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