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Total noob needing help with Amiga Forever


As the title says, another noob needing some help. I think this is a pretty simple question (apologies if it's covered elsewhere, I did look but couldn't find anything...) and I'm probably just being dense.

I got Amiga Forever 2006 the other day, as well as some old Amia games (specifically, Stunt Car Racer and Hoyle's Book of Games) but I can't seem to get either game running. I've used some emulators, such as DOSBox, before, but for some reason WinUAE just baffles me. I read somewhere that to load the .adf files I needed to put them in the 'games' folder of Amiga Forever, which I did, but because they didn't have .adml files I put them in the 'Unsorted Files' file. But when I load Amiga Forever neither game shows up. I read somewhere that I need to load each .adf file as if it where a floppy disk by doing... something... but I'm not sure how.

So could anyone give me step-by-step advice? Sorry if this has already been covered or if I'm just being incredibly stupid, and thank you for any help. ^^;
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