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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
I've never experienced that. If you play the game using my defaults does the same thing happen?

I have to ask, why are you selecting "Default" [never use this as it messes with aspect ratio / scaling] or "Fullscreen (TV)" in the "Filters" panel?
I created a separate configuration in the Host panel with one shader I like to use when playing the games in the collection, so that WinUAE load it with each game, without me needing to modify every configuration separately.

In this separate configuration I have the "Fullscreen (TV)" and "Bilinear filtering" options, along with the aforementioned shader, selected on the Filters panel.

So in reality I only did need to create one new configuration to change every other automatically.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
I should add to that really; pressing "Button 1" on any controller maps to "Port 2", pressing "Button 2" on any controller maps to "Port 1"
Thanks for your help with everything, mainly the "Mouse/Joystick autoswitching" option; I will follow your directions and will see if the option works now.

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