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Hmm, when I play Legions of Dawn and select "Default" or "Fullscreen (TV)" in Filters panel, I can't click directly over the GUI's buttons to move my character. I must click outside of them.

In the screenshot below you can see that the ghosted rectangle is where I must click to move my character to the right, always at the left of the real button.

The mouse pointer seems to be misaligned with the game image, because every button reacts in the same way.

Seems to be a problem with this game and that Filter options I commented before.

Another issue related to WinUAE and that I would like to hear other people's opinions, is that the option "Mouse/Joystick Autoswitching" in Game ports panel doesn't always works with my controller, a wired XBOX 360 one. Many times WinUAE don't detect the controller or place the controller in the mouse port when I press the fire button.

So I have some questions about this option: firstly anyone know what is the logic which WinUAE uses when selecting the right port for a mouse or controller? And second, anyone sees also WinUAE having difficulties to detect controllers like happens with my XBOX 360 one?
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