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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
they should have done a 3d card for the 1200 and making the cd32 with the 3d card inside.Something enough powerfull to make doom... Like sega with the 32x or snes with super fx.
They could have published doom or else with the 3d card for all amiga models.

I know it's easy to say but this move could have saved the amiga.
Was it possible ??
Commodore was crippled as a company, they had plenty of orders they couldn't fulfill because they were cash broke and their vendors wouldn't give them any more credit. The other major issues plaguing Commodore was poor management that decimated development. By tossing AAA with the DSP co-processor destroyed their future. The Toaster market on a AAA with a DSP would have given them another 10 years of advantage over everyone. If they would have sold the 3000 and let other vendor rebrand them as Sun or HP (can't remember which anymore) wanted to. So many management mistakes put Commodore on borrowed time when the 4000 and 1200 were released, the company was already done and didn't realize it yet.

The game market was very competitive and eventually even if they could mass produce product, the Amiga was left to rot on the dock as far as the chipset and investment. Even a card to run doom on a 1200 or CD32 would have been short lived, they needed to learn how to innovate their product and market successfully. Sadly they could no neither... The 3000 era was the golden age of amiga, 500's sold like hotcakes and the 3000 offered a solid option for business. People like Dave Haney and the crew were all busy developing and looking toward the future. To bad Dave never finished AAA it would have rocked the computer world like the Amiga 1000 did, instead they released AA years later which was DOA and a total waste.
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