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Originally Posted by gdunlapsd View Post
I got the HC533 when it came out; seemed the cheapest and easiest way for me to get the extra RAM and storage for WHDLoad, and it's worked fine.

No issues with the lack of chip RAM for some WHDLoad games ? I've been told I'd always run into problems for this purpose unless I bought a 2MB chip RAM expansion.
That's why I liked the sound of the ACA500plus turning my 512KB slow RAM expansion into chip RAM for 1MB total.

Originally Posted by gdunlapsd View Post
My only real complaint is that too much stuff is compiled for 68020+ only, and so won't work on even an accelerated 68000.

Apps or WB tools you mean ? Certainly not games !
It's something the ACA500plus can't directly help with, but at least you can add a 1200 accelerator to it.

Originally Posted by gdunlapsd View Post
I'd say just set up the HC533 that you already have and see how it works for you.

I'll set them up both on the same day as that A500 is at my parents place, and I've ordered the ACA500plus in the end, didn't want to risk it getting out of stock again !
I'll need to get an IDE-CF 40 pin adapter for the HC533 as well. I wonder if I also need to get a Y cable to steal power from the floppy drive or if the data cable alone is able to power a CF card.

Originally Posted by gdunlapsd View Post
BTW, how did you find out what that jumper does? There's no documentation for this thing that I could find (that makes two complaints then )

Yeah I know ! I've read this somewhere on a thread here I think.

IIRC with the jumper on it uses the ROM of an IDE device (so requires 2.0+ for booting), with the jumper of it presents itself as a SCSI device and apparently 1.3 can handle that.
Very, very scarce on details indeed !
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