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youtube video??
Too lazy to do such a thing. Usually I just wait until somebody makes one.

When you do a sprite sheet?
I already have complete sprite sheets for Ryu and Zangief. But in this demo I used just a few frames to demonstrate the graphics.

But although the sheets are ready, there are no actual animation routines of any kind for the players. That sort of stuff would be added only if I decided to continue this project.

Do you do 16x16 all the way down and link the sprites with a table or do you draw the complete sprite. (i.e a kick would be 64 pixels wide??)
I draw the complete sprites, and sprite size is 64 pixels (which is an AGA only feature, OCS sprites can be only 16 pixels wide). So all sprite frames are 64 pixels wide, or if more width is needed, then two 64 pixel wide sprites would be combined.

If AGA Dualpf is 16 colours on each playfield, what colour pens do the sprite colours use are they COLOUR32->COLOUR48.
Yes, in this demo the sprite colors are located at 32-48. AGA sprite colors can be freely located anywhere in the screen palette, which in this case is a 48 color palette, divided into the 2 playfields and the sprites. So the color setup is 16+16+16.


Is not possible to have different colorsets on AGA?
This is possible, but in this simple tech demo I haven't planned things that far.

The sprite recolors that I posted are the first step into making the SNES graphics work on the Amiga.

And because sprites are used for the characters, we are limited to 16 colors, so both fighters on screen have to use the same palette.

But as Daedalus mentioned, it could be possible to arrange the colors so that there would be some common colors, which would be shared by all fighters, and some unique colors, which would be fighter specific. And the example of 9 common colors + 3 Fighter one colors + 3 Fighter two colors could be one way to make it work.

It would certainly be nice to have some unique colors, and I'm sure that a palette system can be made which makes this possible.

So how it could be done in Super Street Fighter II Turbo?
In this game the fighters are most likely blitter objects, not sprites. And it seems to run in 64 color mode; I analysed the screenshots and it seems that 32 colors are reserved for the background only, and both fighters have their own 16 color palettes. So the palette setup is 32+16+16 . And the health bars and other stuff are most likely sprites, which again have their own 16 colors, outside of the 64 color main palette.

In this case it's very easy to have different palettes for both fighters, because both have their own "palette space" of 16 colors.

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