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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
Awesome machine, similar to what I am aiming for, when my repaired mediator is back. I'm still in doubt whether to use a soundblaster or not. What type of show is that, it's nicely compact. Smart mod of the fan mount too, I may steal that idea.

BTW what exact sonnet memory did you order in the end and where?
The fan holder on the zorro side is this:

I found it would not fit in the position shown on thingiverse with both sonnet and voodoo in place. So I sawed off the arm and mounted it further back. A slim 10mm fan is recommended.

The ram I ordered is this
Until it arrives I do not know if it is 2k refresh, but someone who ordered it before said that it was and the seller had said the batch was 2k. But it might not be. Caveat emptor.
Same goes for this

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