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A4000 with Mediator

Hi all,

I bought an A4000 last year to satisfy an itch I've had for a big box Amiga which has plagued me for about 25 years. I've had an A500 and A1200 since I was a teenager but have decided it's time to expand the collection.

The current set up is:

64MB motherboard fast ram
Cyberstorm Mk2 66Mhz Rev 6 68060, 128MB ram
Mediator 4000Di V3
Voodoo 3 3000
Ragnarok G3 750FX 950Mhz PowerPC PMC/PCI card
Deneb USB
ICY V2 i2c
Indivision AGA
Soundblaster 128
Prisma Megamix
Ratte Switch
Realtek 8139 Ethernet NIC
*CyberSCSI Module
*Acard AEC 7720UW SCSI to IDE bridge
8GB IDE SD cards
32 GB USB Drive
Corsair SF600 SFX PSU
Workbench 3.9 Boing Bags 1 & 2

*Purchased but not yet installed

Motherboard has been recapped, battery removed.

Cyberstorm Mk2

Zorro and PCI slots

Silent PCI and Cyberstorm cooling fans

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