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Scourge of the Underkind: Development thread

Hi everyone

I just thought I'd share with you some exciting news about a new game for Amiga that is in the works.

Scourge of the Underkind is going to be a 8-way scrolling action game with vast maps, hidden areas, lots of meanies and bosses to kill on your way to ridding the world of the Underkind and their evil minions.

Gameplay will be a mixture of all our favourite games, from Gods to Chaos Engine and Alien Breed and will be free upon release to download in .ADF format.

For the art-style I am mixing up medieval with primitive steam machinery to give the game a unique look which will hopefully capture the imagination.

It has taken a little while just to get to this stage because the usual life commitments get in the way of projects such as these but we're making good progress on this game.

The game will have music especially composed for it as well as cool sound effects.

I will be posting any progress videos to this thread and hopefully so will the programmer.

Here is an early test of the engine, the key sprites are there as a sort of stress-test to show how well the engine is performing. And lag or jerkiness is down to recording software.

[ Show youtube player ]

A very slow and boring video of me editing tiles:

[ Show youtube player ]

Thanks for looking!

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