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Problems with AfAOS & AmiStart with Picasso96

I've got a problem with AmiStart and AfAOS when using Picasso. I use a Picasso IV Zorro III, but I've also just tried a Piccolo Zorro III 640x480 24bits screen with Picasso drivers and the problem is the same.

If I use uaegfx there is no problem with AfAOS and AmiStart (like AmiKit for PC uses).

I'm in contact with Bernd and Thomas Klein, and I've been suggested it could be a problem with the emulation.

This is the problem:

When I first started AmiStart it was showing the same problem in all of the bar, but using the Taskbar settings, Miscellaneus, "Buffered", then the corruption disappears of the bar but it keeps in the main icon and the menu as you see in the screenshot.

I don't think it's a problem of the emulation, but I want to ask also here.
I wonder why it works right with uaegfx. I also wonder if someone is using Picasso96 and AfAOS with AmiStart.

I've tried also with the newest Picasso96 drivers and both versions of MUI.

My thoughts? It can be a problem with the Picasso drivers or with AfAOS, but take into account:
-It works perfect with RTG without AfAOS with Picasso drivers.
-AfAOS&AmiStart work right with uaegfx. I believe to remember it works right also with CGX, 16bits.

I must say that the corruption only happens when you add icons to the menu, so it can be a problem with the AfAOS icon_lib.exe.

I also believe it could be fixed adding another "Buffered" option to AmiStart, so I've emailed D. Brewka, the author.
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