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Thanks Toni for the fix!

Some more random findings:

I usually like to enable scanlines - reminds me of my old crt-monitor and adds some nostalgia.
The "scanlines" setting under Host->Display gives a bit too high contrast so i leave this setting at "double" and mix in scanlines in the Host->Filter panel (-> extra settings -> scanline opacity -> ~50).
As soon as the bridgeboard window opens, the scanlines disappear. The "normal" scanline mode enabled in Host->Display continues to work though.

Also - it would be nice if (these kind of) filters could be applied to the bridgeboard window as well. If not independently configurable, then maybe same settings for both windows?
After all, the bridgeboard vga was attached to a second crt-monitor in reality as well - so same look-and-feel seems reasonable(?)

Reset is making emulation stutter: i think i've read somewhere we need to quit WinUAE completely - but not sure.
That's what i'm doing now since after a reset the emulation starts to stutter. It's quite noticeable as soon as the bridgeboard bios counts its ram up.
On the first run bios counts smoothly (twice?). After reset, it counts fluently maybe for a second then stops a couple of milliseconds (noticeable) and continues.
Also sound output from the soundblaster stutters after reset.

I also have no luck with x86 Bridgeboard CPU options (or is this a left-over from the previous emulation core that isn't supposed to work?).
Even a slight speedup either crashes WinUAE or gives all kinds of side-effects. I had the mouse moving at variable (usually very slow) speed or the mouse pointer jumping randomly.
Sometimes the mouse is not even recognized, the soundcard (configured correctly and working) is no longer being recognized by the game i use for testing, etc, etc.
Are the peripherals getting out of sync with the cpu-emulation here? Maybe the whole x86-part needs the speedup, including the x86 expansions?
Ala "fastest possible but keep expansions timing"
Easy said - i know. You see - i know nothing about the WinUAE source or hardware emulation in general - i'm just dreaming.

The reason i played with x86 Bridgeboard CPU options was the fairly slow response of my emulated CL-GD5429.
I use the game Strike Commander for testing and the game plays an animated intro - currently it's more of a slideshow on my (admittedly) low-end notebook.
But since it wasn't much difference on another pc i tested it (desktop pc and graphics fast enough for my cad work) i wondered if i could get this better by tuning emulation cpu speed.

Nevertheless - keep up this incredible work!
Back to play with my amiga now...

Best regards,
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