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Originally Posted by tomcat666 View Post
meynaf: did ya check if some of the simpler (looking) games would be easy(er) ? Like Starquake or Arctic Moves ?
I can't check all games in existence, obviously...

Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Oh, didn`t knew that multitasking isn`t disabled. It seems the hit happens when game screen appears but nice you already found the cause.
All of my game ports work in multitask

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Looks like the game doesn't (fully) disable the OS and thus system stuff is executed, this can be fixed.
But who needs the fix ? AmiSys4 seems to be "stealing" events from other applications ! Doing that is quite a bad idea for functions keys IMO.

The game runs in perfect (?) multitask and I will NOT disable system stuff !

Anyway, next version is online now.
Fixes the hit (and perhaps the crashes as well).
Removes the speed reset between levels (seems it was intentional ?!).
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