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The problem is that Fellow (and older versions of UAE without A6k/A12k/A4k IDE emulation) does not directly emulate the scsi.device but they use a device to simulate the internal controller for harddisk. In Fellow this device is called 'fhfile.device' and is required to get hardfiles (UAE uses uaehf.device).

without this device it's impossible to mount an harddisk (virtual hardfile). And unfortunately Fellow disables this device if a kickstart 1.x is found. While the UAE doesnt disabled it even if I use kickstart 1.3 (with WB1.3), infact the same mountlist (for WB1.3) that I used in Fellow (and NOT working) with UAE (or DosUAE) it working 100% !!.

I know GetSCSI, but even if I copy the scsi.device from the KS3.0 to the WB1.3-floppy it still could not function because Fellow/UAE not directly emulate the SCSI controller !

The only solution for Fellow is to hack it by enable the fhfile.device even on Kickstart1.3 emulation mode. Or, by grab fhfile.device and copy it to WB1.3:Devs\.

GetSCSI can't grab fhfile.device, only scsi.device.

If someone thinks that I'm wrong, or if someone was able to mount a hardfile in with fellow wb1.x, please let me know.

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