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Copying from Mac to Amiga via serial cable

Well, almost half a year later...

I've been doing loads of stuff, including rebuilding my bathroom (everything new) and what not. Amiga has been gathering dust...

Anyway, last two weeks I've been trying to copy stuff from my mac to the Amiga using a serial cable. I had mixed results. Smaller files (including one of my own demos, which was fun to see again after so many years) worked okay, but I had no luck moving ASMOne 1.20 (Got it from the Flame Arrows website) to the Amiga. Even tried moving it in 8 seperate parts, then joining the 8 files again on the Amiga. That seemed to work for a brief moment, but then the program goes kaboom! raising some fatal error followed by guru med.

Any ideas? I'm sort of wondering if I want to spend more time on this...


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