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Eek Tetrimania

Are you sure about the dual-playfield in the Tetris version you are looking for?
Here is a list of all Tetris-games on Amiga I know:

Tetris: Released in 1991 it is from the same creator of the original but it features 'upgraded' backgrounds. Maybe this is Tetris 2. It has all sorts of different Russian activities beautifully drawn like a fish-market and so on.
Duotris: This PD-game is released on C64 and Amiga in 1990. It has a dual playfield and the falling blocks have odd shapes;
H.. tris: The name of this clone is on the tip of my tongue. It is a German PD game with a dual playfield. The falling shapes are really strange: A block looking like a cross, a small single block, etc;
Tetracopy: Uhm. Not really a Tetris game. Just a copier like X-copy which let you play a simple version of Tetris while copying discs;
Zack: The Amiga reincarnation of the Arcade game 'Hatris. You must staple falling hats;
Super Tetris: I think this is the Spectrum Holobyte version. It has pictures of a Russian circus;
Zyconix: Released by Accolade towards the end of 1992, this is some sort of Tetris game looking very similar to the pics you have attached. I have never played it, though;
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