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hey. I havnt followed this board, google just led me here.
Amiberry emulator is also included in Amibian 1.4. Sadly for now its inly the sdl1 version, sdl2 version will be added as soon as its in a stage thats "safe", now the sdl2 version that amiberry uses is not very pi friendly, all inputs in the emulated side transfers to the linux cli. The joystick lag (if its noticable) is probably due to the adapter you use, some adapters arent as compatable to the pi as it is to a pc. other factors that might influence hid is the powersource. I have not tested any joystick/adaptor combinations on Amiberry emulator.
Amiberry is not a abandoned. Dimitris is a friend of mine and he will pickup the thread when he can.
Have fun
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