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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
I believe the Amiga 3000 was the best Amiga ever.
Agree, it was solid design and a great machine.

Here comes some AGA ranting..
Amiga 1200 and 4000 were steps backwards in design and quality. AGA was a joke and I wish it was never released. At the time it seemed to me like everyone was disappointed with AGA and Amiga 1200 especially. What AGA accomplished was piss of current users by splitting the platform and made me and all my friends abandon Amiga. People just started throwing their OCS/ECS Amigas in the bin, and there was no point expanding them either as Commodore had just effectively killed the whole OCS/ECS platform..

What they should have done is release official Commodore RTG-API and 16-bit music-card expansion for all OCS/ECS Amigas.
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