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Amiga questions you've always been too embarrassed to ask

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Some applications also can't deal with the size calculations of large partitions, and that sounds like what's happening. Assuming your filesystem etc. is all set up to be large drive capable, if the version of DOpus you're using to copy everything doesn't support large drives, it will think the drive is full when it has 4GB left. When it gets to that point, using Workbench to add a few files to the drive will bring the available space just under 4GB, which should then work fine with DOpus again.

Applications that don't support large partitions calculate space as a 32-bit number, which means it's a maximum of 4GB. After that, the number wraps around to 0 and keeps going. So, a partition with 5GB of space will show up as 1GB free, 6GB as 2GB free, and so on. At some point during all your unpacking, you've used 1GB of space, and DOpus thinks there's only e.g. 1MB of space left, when in reality there's 4GB+1MB of space available.

I don't like your answer.

You have explained it so clearly someone mentally impaired could follow your answer.

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