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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Some notes, there is also possibility for "you are completely on your own" test version later today..

Currently supported UAE devices:

- Directory harddrives.
- uaehf.device (hardfiles). HD_SCSICMD is NOT supported yet.

Supported but not tested:

- uae.resource
- Some "uaelib" functions

Not yet supported (lots more work needed):

- uaegfx
- bsdsocket.library
- uaenative.library
- clipboard sharing
- uaescsi.device
- uaenet.device
- virtual mouse driver
- on the fly directory harddrive changes.

And everything else that was not mentioned.


Host<>Amiga communication system is currently busy waiting, both PC and Amiga sides. Until it gets replaced with proper waits/interrupts (very complex task) at least triple core CPU is recommended.. (one for main thread, one for PPC, one for trap thread). I don't know if there is any difference but it is not my problem as usual

Communication is also slower than normal host<>Amiga (which is practically instant) because every read or write that accesses Amiga memory needs to be done in Amiga side (due to non 1:1 logical/physical mapping). Lots of easy improvents to do here but optimizations come later

As usual, stable and working implementation is the most important and first requirement.
Any non-trivial optimizations will come (much) later.
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