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Originally posted by Drake1009
Problem with playing old dos games on the original hardware is that you can't have 20 or so PCs standing around now can you?

As for glidewrappers. had a lot of them last I checked but none of them work well enough for me to play Sentinel returns through. Most of them were made specifically with UltraHLE (N64) in mind and nothing else. If someone do manage to find a proper wrapper which won't dump all backgrounds, or render objects as white blocks, or remove software cursors or the like I'd be very interested.
You dont need 20 dos machines really. I have a 386/40 that can be turned to 8mhz with the turbo switch (to play the 286 or earlier games) and a p200mmx for the last generation games and associated hardware. I just hide my 4 game pc's under my desk and use a KVM to switch between them (switches sound too). The fact that I have multpile sound cards on the 386 and pentium lets the games use the optimal sound card for the era. It was kind of interesting to setup but works out great. I have yet to find a game that doesnt work perfect on one of these machines (you never know).
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