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How to use Greaseweazle?

Download and install python. (There's a link in the frontend if you want it).
Make sure to add it to your path.

Download and unzip Greaseweazle.

Connect the drive to the board. (Which kind of drive are you using?)
Connect the board to the PC.

You can now either run the front end, or, run it from the command line.

If it's command line, open a command line, and change to the folder with the file in it, from the unzipped greaseweazle.

then type:

python read nameofmydisk.scp COM1

or whatever com port the device is on.

To use the frontend,

point to the script.
point to the python.exe
pick your com port from the dropdown.
Set your name, system etc etc.
Pick your save folder.
click read.
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