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Originally Posted by DanScott View Post
If you know how "fast" scroll routines are done on the Atari ST, you'll understand why the scroll mechanic is different from the Amiga
The thing is that the ST version actually scrolls faster than the Amiga one. It's less smooth but faster, but not to the point of shifting 16 pixels per frame like in some ST games I've seen (which I think, though I may be wrong, would be the only way the ST would be indeed "faster")

It looks like the programmer wanted to do a 1 pixel scroller on Amiga just to show how smooth it can be, but it actually hurts gameplay, because then the scroll can't keep up with the action.

Or the scroll is wating for the blitter to finishing blitting the new tiles, I dunno.

If this was indeed done deliberately it was a very silly decision. It's really annoying to keep "pausing" so the scroll can keep up with you, and at a few points where you fall from a big height, you can die from an enemy before you can even see it because the "camera" wasn't following your movement fast enough.

This scrolling nonsense and the "up for jump" are the only problems with this port. The "up for jump" was impossible to avoid (At least back when the game was made), but if the scrolling was done this on purpose, it was a bad decision and something that *maybe* deserves to be patched, if its possible to do it.

EDIT Compare arcade version at 1:55
[ Show youtube player ]

And Amiga version at 1:30:
[ Show youtube player ]

EDIT 2: Damn it, running both videos side by side... IT IS an amazing Port.....

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