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Originally Posted by whiteb View Post
And if you notice, the post that he deleted (Removed text ?), was the post that he "stated" that PFS3 was a NON EXCLUSIVE, but Pelt asked him to *NOT* host the files for FREE download on the download section of the AF website ?
The post he deleted said how the creator of PFS3, allegedly, did not want to spread this release too much (even after AndreasM "told him" it was a non exclusive release, to which I say, poppycock!). Which contradicts gulliver's conversations where he was agreeing to put it on Aminet. Also says that if PFS3 was to be distributed in some other way we would be "going agaisnt michal;'s will", so we can assume that AndreasM will be, as usual, being an asshole hunting down on anyone he seems fit. How can his magazine be a non profit venture?

I think it is gulliver's task to clear this up.

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