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Amiga 3000 SuperKickStart disk rev 36.00

Hi!! I have a big problem........ Anyone can halp me?
Do you have the super Kickstart disk for Amiga 3000 version 36.00 ?
My rom version in motherboard is 36.00 (The original Commodore 17-3-90) i've lost
the original floppy, hard disk is broken and with fresh hard disk my amiga won't
boot because he don't found Super kick start written in primary partition Devs:Kickstart!!
I've tried with another revision of super kick start disk ( 36.175 - 36.102
found in emuchina - Romshare) but is required the same revision
there is in original rom soldered in motherboard of amiga 3000!!!!
Can you help me? Anyone can send me the revision in question in adf format or in
*.rom ( only with bonus code work!!!)??
I hope in you!!!

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