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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
Magnificent video ! I really enjoyed it.
But is it just me or is sound a little low ? I had to crank everything up to the max.
Thanks for the compliment and watching it
As for the volume, yes it is a little low, the real Amiga has low output volume hence the main reason I always hooked it up to the hifi when playing games rather that the tv, It's certainly has a quieter output volume than my C64 ans ST, the original zx 128k is also quiet on certain games,...Double Dragon 3 was terribly quiet, I really had to boost the volume of that game up when I recorded my "42 ZX 128K SPECTRUM AY MUSIC" video on my channel.
When I recorded my "76 Amiga game tune music" video, before I uploaded it I ran all the music through my hifi, linked it up to my dvd recorder, turned up the hifi volume and recorded it which is why the sound on that vid is far louder but doing commentary as well is very tricky and would have been hugely time consuming for me to do it on this, but hey, It's certainly hearable
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