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The netplay feature is unique and very useful! it was the primary reason I started using FS-UAE after using it I saw also how extremely easy to set-up and no hassle with numerous display options, controller ports etc... I still have WinUAE for testing purposes, but now Im an FS-UAE fan!!! I know Frode is busy with his main goals.. But he already did so much for us so I dont want to bother him yet... I have a list of a few improvements myself that I will post one day on the developers forums... Would you have something to add?

Some include:
a) Ability to chat in lowercase fonts...
b) Not to terminate all connections and drop out all players when one player disconnects...
c) Be able to save and load states from the server or web folder...

After that is done.. maybe add

d) Ability for players can be able to drop in and out of the game
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