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I have no idea whether all of this stuff is legal or not. I know that a sizeable proportion of it came straight from the Aminet; that's all freely distributable. Some of it is my own software; that's all GPL or PD. A lot of it has been declared freely distributable by the copyright owners (Spectrum ROMs, etc). As for the rest, I offered to take down anything that was dodgy.

I studied medieval literature at University, and have a stack of books on my bookshelf that are between four and five hundred years old. I can still read "Havelok the Dane", "Sir Orfeo", "Lay Le Fraine", "The Canterbury Tales", "Gawain and the Green Night". In four hundred years from now, what software will still exist, when the original floppy disks have turned to dust and the drives that read them are buried in landfills under centuries of rubbish? You certainly won't be able to use any commercial Amiga software and see what sort of computers they used back in the 20th century.

If your life's work decays to nothing before you're even dead, what the fuck was the point in you being here in the first place?

Bring on the digital dark age.

@Andreas: If you told me what your software was, I'd have deleted it. I may read Middle English, but I'm not a fucking psychic.
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